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Owned by brothers Victor (CEO) and David (COO) Manzanos, Manzanos Enterprises, is our production partner in Bruce Jack Spain.

This family winery, established in 1890, produces over 10 million bottles a year. The company owns 10 wineries in DOCa Rioja and DO Navarra. It has been managed by Víctor, David and Laura (Victor’s wife) since 2010, when Victor and David’s father suddenly passed away. Then it was a small winery producing 12,000 cases a year, only in Spain, with a team of 10 people.

Today, they have grown and are producing more than 850,000 cases (2020) with a team of 180 people and a presence in 70 countries and 80% export sales.

Our production partners own  250 hectares in D.O. Ca. Rioja, controlling 700 hectars more. 50 hectares are owned in D.O. Navarra, with control of 525 more. Each of these areas and valleys has unique features – they depend on the relation between their individual soil, climate and vineyard. Helped by carefully crafted winemaking techniques the singularity of each of wine is brought to life.

We aspire to be one of the Top 10 wine brands in the world.

We do this by collaboratively sourcing wines from different global regions. Our production partners are all primary producers in their key areas and we have worked with them for over a decade.

Our message is authentic and simple. We champion care of the earth, care for those who work with us, and care of those in underprivileged circumstances.


The Bruce Jack wines reflect the culmination of the lessons I am still learning over a 25-year adventure in the wine industry. Along the way, I discovered that ultimately, when all is said and done, a consumer’s satisfaction with a wine is governed by a single thing: value.


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