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“Ghost in the Machine” refers to the resilience of human imagination in the face of an artificial-intelligence-dominated onslaught.

These Bruce Jack Wines are all about pushing the experimental boundaries of winemaking with cutting edge and ancient winemaking and specially selected vineyards that we manage to our exacting specifications. All wines are made at the Estate Cellar.

Facial recognition, cancel culture, erosion of human rights, fake news and the technological tsunami simultaneously opens and suppresses society. And equality, environmental sustainability and peace seem less attainable than ever.

However, the might of our imagination, incomprehensible as it is, burns like a bright light of hope at the end of the tunnel. Any noble endeavor like winemaking is driven by this imaginative sun. So no matter the enveloping power of machines, the uncertainty AI instills or the hopelessness of climate change, there will be an eternal light of human imagination offering solutions.

This range of wines exists to allow winemaking imagination and passion free reign… these wines are disinterested in market trends or the whims of wine writers and commentators – we craft these wines to dance that beautiful dance whose beat is the seasons and whose music is luck.


The Bruce Jack wines reflect the culmination of the lessons I am still learning over a 25-year adventure in the wine industry. Along the way, I discovered that ultimately, when all is said and done, a consumer’s satisfaction with a wine is governed by a single thing: value.


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