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This collection consists of unusually rare, ultra-premium and sometimes one-of-a-kind wines. Each bottling will have some sort of remarkable characteristic, such as being from a certified single vineyard, a particularly differentiating climate and soil or being crafted exclusively from registered old vines.

The Bruce Jack wines currently all come from South Africa. My vineyard partner in this venture is a company called uniWines Vineyards, based in the Bredekloof Valley, an hour’s drive north of Cape Town.

In time we will craft Bruce Jack wines from Chile, Spain, Australia and France, but for now we are sticking with my home soil.

We are able to craft wines of complexity, character, balance, intrigue, yumminess and nuance at a “Lifestyle” price point through careful blending of small parcels of excellence from high-altitude, dry-grown, cool climate vineyards.

While usually extremely expensive, these small parcels add an extra dimension when blended in just the right way – this is where the winemaker’s art comes into the craft of winemaking.

The Bruce Jack brand reflects a special moment in time where experience intersects with ambition. When you are young, ambition fires you along like a rocket. Boundless energy and naivety seem sufficient to blast you through any obstacle…

Then you have a few crashes – such is life. But all the lessons learnt along this journey equip you. At some stage you are meant to run out of energy – that’s how the body and mind work. With some luck and to compensate for failing eyesight and dulled synapses, we are handed the gift of wisdom.

Observe those who’ve been through the mill of life and still come out smiling, still engaged with life in a positive way, no matter what life has thrown at them… They haven’t let youthful ambition turn to a swamp of bitter fatigue. There are extraordinary examples through history – Nelson Mandela in South Africa was probably one of the more famous. Another South African, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, epitomises this inspirational state of being.

And somewhere between careering early careers and the calmness of wisdom, there’s a magic moment when ambition and experience intersect – that’s the place where the Bruce Jack brand comes from.


The Bruce Jack wines reflect the culmination of the lessons I am still learning over a 25-year adventure in the wine industry. Along the way, I discovered that ultimately, when all is said and done, a consumer’s satisfaction with a wine is governed by a single thing: value.


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