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Bruce Juice – December 2018 – What makes the world of wine go ‘round?

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Dear fellow wine tribe friend, Much of the money I earned from odd jobs as a kid went on an early addiction – pies. I became a connoisseur of pies. Because I rode to school from an early age, after classes and sport, I was free to sample all the pies in all the bakeries for miles around. One day I unearthed a pie filled with fried red onion and melted cheddar cheese at a place called Silwood Baker. It was a new creation and titled a “Cheese Turnover” because of the way the baker wrapped the pastry around all that [...]

Bruce Jack UK launch

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By Andrew Catchpole on Harpers.co.uk Published: 22 November, 2018 Prominent South African winemaker Bruce Jack officially launched his new eponymous wine range yesterday at High Timber restaurant in London. Presenting a two-tier range, with an entry level aimed at supermarket shelves and reserve wines targeted at independents and on-trade, Jack described the brand as being “based on a central theme, a central idea and a central message”. “The reason this brand is going to be different is because of the collaboration with others in the industry,” said Jack, referring to partnerships with other growers and winemakers in South Africa, adding, “I [...]

Just Jack – with over 30 years’ experience within the wine industry, Bruce Jack is making a fresh start

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Who in the South African wine industry doesn’t know the name Bruce Jack? You may know him as the winemaker who shot Flagstone to fame, or the man behind The Drift Estate in the Overberg. Most recently, and for the past 10 years, Bruce was the Group Head Winemaker for Accolade Wines—where he was able to use his talents making wine all over the world. Bruce now finds himself at the start of something new. And that is? Bruce Jack Wines. We sit down with Bruce to find out more. How did you first get into wine? I started packing shelves [...]

My week with…Bruce Jack

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By Richard Siddle Published in Grapevine - Issue 74 You have been responsible for making so many big branded wines, from Kumala to Hardy's, but this is the first wine brand with your name on it. Why and why now? It's admittedly a bit weird having my own name on the label, but it's more to do with the creative process. That's what motivates me to get out of the bed in the morning. It's not about winning medals. The world is crying out for authenticity. So with Bruce Jack wines I can honestly say this is me, these are my [...]

The Headstart Trust – community initiatives for 2018

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We continue to assist the young learners of Protea Primary in Napier. Mariska Purdy, the Drift Estate administrator, had established last year that the school had a lack of basic stationery required for the last two school terms. Dave Boulle, owner of Mason Complete Office Solutions,  sponsored the stationery last year. This year the top of the wish list was a need for a variety of art materials. Thanks to generous donations from some of our private customers, the JDI Foundation and funds raised at The Drift Estate annual Solstice Dinner. The Trust was able to purchase the art supplies this [...]

Deliver us from Distraction!

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What is it about the human mind that constantly trips itself up? Not by a big hairy evil, but something so benign we don’t even see it coming until it’s too late – distraction. Many deep thinkers have, over time, pondered the same pathetic, hapless human weakness. Seneca, the Roman Philosopher, had an enlightened go at unravelling this in his writing; and it is quite clear that hundreds of years down the track we are still making the same mistakes. I have always been easily distracted – by TV, food, music, conversation, a sexy bodysurfer (that distraction was so intense she [...]


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by Tod Stewart October 2017 So, I was sitting at a bar in downtown Toronto slurping glasses of Chenin Blanc with the Cape Crusaders. No, that’s not a typo; I meant to say “cape” and not “caped.” Though these guys are superheroes in a way, they were wearing jeans rather than spandex (as was I, so let’s get that cleared up right away). Their mission isn’t ridding the world of crime but rather ridding it of ignorance, precon-ception and overt cluelessness. All in the name of South African wine. Gesondheid to that! Alex Dale The Premium Independent Wineries of [...]

Bruce Jack: not climate change, dude…its all about the grass

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“Forget climate change, dude, this is probably the biggest threat to the wine industry.” Well, it is according to leading South African winemaker, Bruce Jack. In the second in his monthly series, The Bruce Juice, Jack examines the impact the continued legalised sale of cannabis in more American states, and potentially elsewhere in the world, is already having on the alcohol industry. Beer might be feeling the effects first, but wine sales, he warns, are also going to suffer. The biggest immediate threat to wine is not coming from the sky, or mother nature, but as Bruce Jack says, the first [...]

Bruce Jack on why markets like Denmark are big alternatives to the UK

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In the first of a new series, subtly titled ‘The Bruce Juice’, showing what life is like on the road for winemakers looking to distribute their wines around the world, leading South African producer, Bruce Jack from The Drift Farm, looks back on the lessons learnt from a recent trip to Denmark and why with such demand for premium wine it has become a real alternative to the UK and such an important growing market for premium South African producers. If you enter the wine scene in Denmark you’re likely to bump in to a South African winemaker as it has [...]