The Organic Movement: Rooted in Nature

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Gary Bascou comes from a family of French bakers. When his father immigrated to America, he continued baking bread but wanted his son to get an education. Gary studied anthropology, but during his time at the London Film School his interest in recording ethnic change (and travelling the world) was sparked. When his father died, the ‘spirit for baking’ passed onto Gary, who found himself wanting to continue the family tradition and make nourishing, peasant-style bread as a healthy alternative to the poor national ‘diet’ of Wonderbread. With the help of his business partner, Richard Josephson, they opened a small bakery [...]

James Mitchell’s Gone Fishing Cider SALE

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Our new cider is due in October and we need space to store all the bottles of apple magic. To make space we're selling our current vintage of James Mitchell Gone Fishing Cider at a swashbuckling price: R13.00 a Bottle or R156.00 a Case *If you order 2 or more cases we'll deliver it to you free of charge in the Western Cape. Orders of less than 2 cases are charged at R30 per delivery in the Western Cape (elsewhere delivery is R180.00). Your order can be placed through our website. A little background to our cider making: We start the [...]

Organic Onion Harvest

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Savoury and pungent, a staple of so many dishes, unique in flavour and available all year round. Our tear inducing friend, the onion, has been cultivated for over 5000 years. The unsung culinary heroes don't just animate food, they're a powerful superfood and once you appreciate their health benefits, it's difficult to do without them. Onions provide plenty of vitamins, including calcium, potassium, vitamin C and folate while containing no cholesterol, zero fat and typically have less than 1g of sodium. The compounds found in onions that promote health are separated by cell walls, much like those found in garlic. When [...]

Egyptian Pink Garlic Harvest

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We will be supplying Pick ‘n Pay with our certified organic garlic in 100g bags, of about 3 bulbs per pack, in the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye out for these and let us know what you think. Besides adding flavour to food and keeping vampires at bay, garlic is also a natural antibiotic, its renowned medicinal properties dating back to the ancient Greeks and, of course, the Egyptians. Benefits of garlic include: improved blood circulation; strengthened immune systems; anti-septic, anti-fungal, infection and bacteria fighting properties and it contains potassium, calcium and selenium. Of course it’s most effectively eaten [...]

Our Raw Highland Honey

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Our neighbour and World-Renowned Erica specialist, Oom Thys de Villiers, cares for the endemic bees. Some hives are so remote it takes half a morning's walk to reach them. Obviously, there is only a limited amount we can produce - about 300 jars a year. Taking into account the predominant kloof-funnelled winds, mountain streams and ancient Haseqwa settlements, Oom Thys has a specific philosophy of placing the hives to ensure amazing tasting, healthy, honey. You will taste the vitality and the difference. We are in the process of certifying our honey as organic. Enjoy and be healthy!