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Discover the Overberg

Cape Town’s quiet, somewhat introverted neighbour has been a darling for many South Africans, folk who treasure a retreat from town life where enthusiastic attention to detail and a pride in produce seduces visitors and calls them back repeatedly.

It is also home to folk and kin who fall madly in love with the natural splendour and peaceful living this South African hideaway offers. The magnetism of the Overberg attracts a wonderful spectrum of inhabitants adept in an array of skills and crafts further augmenting the fairytale with bursts of magic.

2014 has seen an online collective gather to reveal the Overberg’s splendour to a new audience, drawing attention to the people of the Overberg and their craft. Hosts include Scarlet Nguni @scarletnguni, What’s Happening @intheOverberg, Gansbaai Explore @GansbaaiExplore, Travelling Beatnik @beatnikloves, Mariette dT-Helmbold @MariettedTH, Stanford Tourism @visitstanford and Overberg Info @overberginfo – it’s worth following these guides for a comprehensive feed of Overberg information.

The hosts have establish a Wednesday lunch time Twitter-chat using the hashtag #discoverOverberg followed by an evening chat using #TravelChatSA. This week the chat moves into its third week, having successfully trended as the most popular topic on South African Twitter during the second week.

[The Drift Farm Vineyards]

The initiative is a phenomenal success, achieving the intention of highlighting the Overberg’s many attractions and simultaneously connecting people and businesses. It’s encouraging to see people’s affection for the Overberg outstrip trending topics like the Australian Open, Jacob Zuma and South Africa, and without exception the discussions are positive – I’ve got myself an exhaustive list of new places to visit and an intimate knowledge of house specialties.

[The best fish in Arniston via @Scarletnguni]

The next Twitter chat takes place this Wednesday at 12h00 using #discoverOverberg, this week focuses on Overberg outdoor adventures. We look forward to seeing you there.

[Pristine picnics via @GansbaaiExplore]

Images courtesy of #discoverOverberg chats – [Die Plaat beach gallery image via @scarletnguni]

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