James Mitchell’s Gone Fishing Cider SALE

>>James Mitchell’s Gone Fishing Cider SALE

James Mitchell’s Gone Fishing Cider SALE

Our new cider is due in October and we need space to store all the bottles of apple magic. To make space we’re selling our current vintage of James Mitchell Gone Fishing Cider at a swashbuckling price:

R13.00 a Bottle
R156.00 a Case

*If you order 2 or more cases we’ll deliver it to you free of charge in the Western Cape. Orders of less than 2 cases are charged at R30 per delivery in the Western Cape (elsewhere delivery is R180.00). Your order can be placed through our website.

A little background to our cider making: We start the cider-making process by hand-picking a secret combination of apple varieties from the spectacular, cool mountain orchards of the breathtaking Elgin Valley. We rinse each apple before it is pressed in a lovingly restored, age-old “Bucher” cider press. The juice resulting from this first press is then immediately gravity-settled before we start the traditional, preservative-free cold fermentation process. Our particular combination of oak barrels and small tanks ensures an intriguing complexity and sparkling freshness that modern cider-making processes simply cannot match.

To bring out the Elgin-specific balance of flavours, we then condition our cider on its lees in a chilled tank for a further six months. And, finally, we bottle our time-honoured cider without the addition of any flavourants or aroma enhancers.

Sounds good, right? We’re sure you’ll love it.

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