Naked Pinot Noir on Roller-skates

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Naked Pinot Noir on Roller-skates

The second of our brand new releases is called The Drift Estate “Over the Moon” Unfettered Red 2017.

This unwooded red is a cutting-edge blend of Touriga Franca, Tinta Barocca and Shiraz. We’ve dived down a completely different rabbit hole with this wine. We wanted to break some of the nonsensical ‘rules’ of winemaking by harking back to ancient cellar methodology.

The majority of the wine (Touriga Franca) was fermented off the skins, which is extremely rare for a red wine these days. This results in a low-tannin, but darkly hued red wine with cherry cola aromas and mulberry flavours. The Tinta Barocca was fermented as whole bunches (an age-old technique called Carbonic Maceration), which gives the wine wonderful sappy tannins and electric strawberry flavours. The small sip of Shiraz we blended in was the only component we treated normally!

All this extreme, ancient winemaking is seriously hard work. Luckily, it has resulted in a wine with incredible liveliness and freshness, but still with the gravitas one would expect from the varieties used. There is no oak and very little tannin, but substantial body. Wow, it’s deliciously different. Those ancient Egyptians knew more than just how to build pyramids!

It is lower in alcohol and is best served slightly chilled. The Drift Estate “Over the Moon” Unfettered Red is a wonderful expression of the Drift’s unique terroir – those classic savoury herbaceous notes underpinning explosive red berry fruit – but with a nimbleness on the palate that defies pithy description – you have to try it to believe it.

Our introduction “Beautiful League” price is R150/ bottle incl VAT (General release price R180).

Bruce describes it as like naked Pinot Noir on roller-skates!

The wine is not labelled yet, but there are only 1200 bottles available, so get you allocation in now to take advantage of the introductory special price. You can pick up your wine at the by-invitation-only “New Vintage Pick Up Party”. Contact Michaela Van Der Straaten for more information – / 079 522 0597

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