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Values represent a set of unshakeable principles by which we live and work.

Modern life is uncertain and disturbingly stressful.

On a physical level we face the inevitability of climate change – proof that we are destroying our planet and our source of life. This disturbing truth is heightened because some of the most powerful governments seemingly unwilling to make a difference for the better.

On a social level, despite enhanced access to information, we are suffocated by claustrophobic divisiveness. Harmony and collaboration at all levels appears to be crumbling.

Business seems obsessed with growth at all costs. This leads to hurtful, destructive, short term thinking and actions.

In an environment like this, we need values that allow us to navigate the chaos and personal challenges we face.

The values we strive to live and work by:

  • Honesty underpins all that we do, even if that embarrasses us or makes us unpopular
  • Integrity means we do what we say – it defines our produce and our contribution to the world
  • Humour means we search out the funny side of life, especially laughing at our own foibles and weaknesses
  • Community means we are committed to uplifting those less fortunate than ourselves, and will do so in a sustainable, non-patriarchal way
  • One-with-our-land means we think generationally about our impact on the earth and strive to leave our own land in a better state than we found it
  • Generosity means we believe there is harmony and a bright future in collaboration and sharing
  • Generational Outlook means we make decisions for the long long-term
  • Questioning means we continually interrogate, and expose the folly through our actions, of information from those acting in opposition to our values
  • Inclusivity means we embrace the positivity of cultures different from our own and we listen to the opinions of those who have our best interests at heart, even if they differ from our own
  • Creativity means we create value through a combination of hard work and our imagination, never at the expense of anyone else
  • Fun means we will rather do things that spread joy, because the world needs more joy

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