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Bruce Jack Lifestyle

The Lifestyle Range strives for unbeatable value by expertly blending grapes from diverse vineyards with distinct climates and soils, crafting deliciously balanced and complex, yummy wines.

Bruce Jack Reserve

Hand-crafted from specially-grown grapes, these super-premium wines use ancient techniques like open-top fermenters, manual punch downs, and barrel fermentation with wild yeast.

Bruce Jack Heritage

Unusually rare, ultra-premium and sometimes one-of-a-kind wines, each distinguished by a remarkable characteristic, such as being from a certified single vineyard, a particularly differentiating climate and soil or being crafted exclusively from registered old vines. 

The Drift Estate

Our mission is to craft uniquely delicious wines that express the distinct terroir of the Overberg Highlands. These Estate wines are terroir-driven, naturally made, and handcrafted, designed to be enjoyed both in youth and over decades.

Ghost In The Machine

This range of wines exists to allow winemaking imagination and passion free reign… these wines are disinterested in market trends or the whims of wine writers and commentators – we craft these wines to dance that beautiful dance whose beat is the seasons and whose music is luck.

Off The Charts

Celebrating the origins of human culture and our wilderness wonderland at the tip of southern Africa, the wines are rooted in our cultural richness and crafted from South Africa’s viticultural cornerstones.


Traditions are important in winemaking because decisions are made on a generational basis.

The Jack family arrived in South Africa from Paisley, Scotland, where they were renowned coffee, tea and wine merchants. The family home was named Glencairn after a family farm in the Highlands. The tradition continues through award-winning winemaker, Bruce Jack and his sons who are involved in the beer and coffee trade.

Secret Safari

Secret Safari is about taking care of the environment while making delicious wine. We join forces with like-minded organisations to support their initiatives focused on environmental conservation and social upliftment, furthering our commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

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