PIWOSA: The Judgement of Lion City

>>PIWOSA: The Judgement of Lion City

PIWOSA: The Judgement of Lion City

An initiative, similar to the ‘Judgement Of Paris,’ was held in Singapore to raise awareness on the ‘premiumisation’ of South African wines.

PIWOSA’s Asia Tour

PIWOSA is a congregation of ten different wineries with a collective mission. It is this cohesiveness that drives various owners to develop a five-year strategy plan, to serve the primary goal of creating ripples of awareness of their vin extraordinaire in selected Asia markets.

World-class, elegant and powerful are the three words I would use to describe South African wines. We’re older than Bordeaux – I wouldn’t consider us New World at all. Our wine knowledge is widely European and ultimately, we bring an element of elegance to the wines. In terms of unique sales points, South African wines offer quality at prices that are off the charts – you could beat many of the top-named wines and the same quality for half the price at South Africa, simply because they’re undiscovered at this point. We have a common purpose together as PIWOSA members: we want to raise the image of South African wines.

–  Ken Forrester

Lim Hwee Peng CWE, FWS, the organiser of the exercise, reports his findings.

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