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Shambhavi – Mindfully Made Soap

The creator of our soaps is Jennifer Stephens, whose handcrafted soaps found their way onto our farm through Ayurveda practise and yoga therapy. Hatched from Ayurveda principles and a wish to employ food therapy to one’s skin, Jennifer began producing bars of neutral soap for friends and students as skin remedies.

Made from carefully considered ingredients and the precept that your skin absorbs everything you put onto it, Jennifer’s beneficial soaps and oils quickly found a receptive clientele. Shambhavi was born to allow Jennifer to be a mother and practice Ayurveda and yoga therapy while making soap and essential oils.

Part of Jennifer’s yoga practise is seva, selfless service performed without any expectation of result or award for the person performing it, to this end Shambhavi proceeds fund yoga, soaps, oils and stationery at a school in Nyanga Township.

The Drift soap varieties:

  • • Amalaki & Mint
    • Ashwagandha & Lemongrass
    • Triphala & Rosewood
    • Brahmi & Immortelle
    • Goats Milk & Calendula
    • Double Espresso
    • Saffron & Rose
    • Felted Rose Geranium

Ingredients:  grape seed oil, palm kernel oil, sesame oil, sweet almond oil, essential oils and organic Ayurvedic herbs.

Like our wine and produce, Shambhavi soap is imbued with organic philosophy where sustainability and environmental impact is carefully accounted for.

Shambhavi Soap can be ordered via email from Jennifer or from the Kalk Bay Co-Op at 100 Main Road, Kalk Bay, 7945

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