The Art of Upcycling

>>The Art of Upcycling

The Art of Upcycling

A couple of down to earth, tree-loving dreamers, Wills and Indigo, began Paper Rain with the vision of making high quality, sustainable & creative products.  Their Fairtrade, 100% organic cotton t-shirts are printed locally using environmentally aware methods and their custom skateboards were mostly made by recycling old, unwanted decks; or from bamboo and new maple. But seeing an opportunity to take ‘green’ to a new level, they began creating skateboards from recycled oak: innovatively using wine barrels. Paper Rain is also busy developing a spray on grip using wine bottles & eco-resins.

We admire the work that they are doing & think they need to open a branch in the Cape. With all our local wineries, they would have a lot of ‘raw’ materials to work with!

To learn more about their work and product, click here to visit the Paper Rain site.

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