The Drift Farm – What to Expect in 2016

>>The Drift Farm – What to Expect in 2016

The Drift Farm – What to Expect in 2016

It’s not easy to put your feet up when you’re excited to get them galloping toward 2016. The past 12 months have been everything we expect from a full year – packed with challenges, lessons and rewards and, as always, peppered with a host of wonderful people.

We found success and compliments as we expanded internationally launching our wines in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Nova Scotia, Canada. This winter was a dry one for the Western Cape, fortunately the extraordinary micro climate of the Overberg kept our soils moist and dams adequately full for the coming summer. The harvest looks promising, as do our plans for 2016. Here’s a taste of what’s on the horizon:

We’ve taken back distribution for the Spanish wine range, La Bascula, and we will be selling it directly to our wine club and through our website and into the trade.

Our wine club will launch in early 2016, members receiving early releases and favourable prices as well as invites to our idiosyncratic wine tastings.

Keep an eye out for Malabarista, this is an extension of the La Bascula range that Ed Adams MW and Bruce work on together in Spain. Malabarista is Spanish for juggler and fittingly is Ed Adams’ nickname for Bruce.

Le Weekend also finds it’s way to South African shores in 2016, this French collaboration with Karen Turner is for kicking back and enjoying, something South Africans are naturals at. Look out for Malabarista and Le Weekend in Pick ’n Pay at R99 a bottle.

We’ve bottled a sherry, the as yet unnamed fortified wine will be available in limited quantities, we only made one barrel so don’t hesitate once this becomes available.

Bonfire Hill – Extreme Vineyards hits the shelves in 2016. Launching with a red and a white, the unusual philosophy behind the Bonfire Hill range of wines is to blend different varieties from around our winelands, drawing on very special, extreme parcels of vines.

We have a new vintage of Orpens Irish Cider on the water, this is travelling south with Malabarista and Le Bascula and Le Weekend. Let’s hope the crew don’t haphazardly stumble across this container.

If next year is anything like 2015 we’re in for another quickstep dance with a variety of fantastic partners and we can’t wait.

Thank you for all your support during 2015 – cheers and love from us all at The Drift.

A night before the blessing
A night before the blessing

Trebuchet wine
Trebuchet Wine

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Vintage Army Car-Boot Sale

Our first event
Our First Event

Paardevlei market
Paardevlei Market

Handing out beanies at kyamandi
Handing Out Beanies at Kyamandi

New farm shop
The New Farm Shop On The Drift

Everyday cider
Everyday Cider

Everyone walking the labyrinth
Everyone Walking The Labyrinth

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