The Drift Leek Recipe

>>The Drift Leek Recipe

The Drift Leek Recipe

Unlike us, leeks tend to hide their grit, so no matter how you cut them, rinse them well at every opportunity before cooking and, therefore, drain well. Slice leeks lengthwise (julienne), or across the leek slimly according to size at base. Judge the thicker end cut to slimmer, and the elegant end to thin, with your own good kitchen senses. Just keep the size regular.

Place in steamer trivet, then on/into/above a saucepan of boiling water for 4 minutes, with the lid on.

Meanwhile heat a serving plate, ready for further instructions, for arrival of the leeks. Floppy leeks struggle with warming drawers, the reverse applies, and there’s no time for that anyway.

The Serving Plate: Virgin Olive Oil, Ground Black Pepper, finely chopped parsley (two pinches of two fingers worth) and grated fresh ginger according to your taste.  (No secret about grated fresh ginger. Peel it. Freeze it, take it out when you need it. Give it a little time to think it’s warmth.)

Present, toss and serve – or indeed serve, toss and present with any other green vegetable from Appelsdrift Farm.

For instance:

Runner Beans: Topped, tailed – boiled (not steamed) to al dente, served with pumpkin seeds/ chopped fresh garlic/black pepper. Virgin olive oil.
Broad Beans: Steamed, served with lemon zest, white pepper and poppy seeds. Verjuice.
Spinach: Steamed, served with grated apple / lemon juice as heated side sauce.
Steamed Cabbage with Danish Lump Fish Roe  (with a fish dish).
Onion/sage/ Grated carrot and ginger bake.

With thanks to Davina Kirby, The Inn, Arniston

Our spring garden is full mix lettuce, celery, beetroot, carrots, leeks, spring onions, rhubarb, spinach, rocket, turnips,  broad beans, radish celery, dill, mint, flat leaf parsley and our hens are laying plenty of eggs for you to use in creating delicious meals for those long days on the farm.

Bon Appetit

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