The Drinks Business’s Editor in Chief and Managing Director, Patrick Schmitt MW, has just finished compiling the latest edition of the Master Winemakers 100 report.

This list recognises and profiles the world’s top 100 winemakers based on the performance of their wines in blind tastings in The Drink Business Global Masters series. Our entries have performed at a consistently high level over the years and I am super chuffed that the Bruce Jack Wines team has been recognised with this incredible accolade alongside the best wine teams in the world.

As any winemaker will truthfully tell you when their brand manager isn’t listening, we play such a small part in what is an incredibly complex and often fragile process. The cult of the winemaker is truly overbaked! But such is the way of the marketing world…

So much of the consistent quality and value the consumer eventually experiences is as much the result of passionate vineyard work, the bottling process (so many beautiful, nuanced wines go to the bottling line to die) and the logistical labyrinth our precious work travels through, to eventually find itself in appropriate stemware at the right temperature and with some happy food partner.

Thanks to Patrick and the Drinks Business Team. This list represents a lot of slog and they have carried it off with the usual aplomb and attention to detail. It’s a privilege to be part of, and such fun to see many of my friends from our wine tribe beaming proudly out of the pages.

Read the full report here.