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The Heartbreak Grape

When you name a wine There are still Mysteries you bestow an importance on the wine, a responsibility to reveal an insight into something unexplained, to take the wine drinker into unchartered territory.

Perhaps fitting that one of the most ancient cultivars, Pinot Noir, carries this weight for our estate wine, There are still Mysteries.

Certain varieties of grape challenge a farm, testing the mettle of farmer, winemaker and cellar. The reward is immense, but when you’re working with a grape prudently dubbed the heartbreak grape, that potential is tempered with a healthy amount of respect.

Pinot Noir demands your entirety before revealing her full character, she wants your knowledge, experience, tenacity, sweat, patience, attention to detail and a delicate touch, she’ll also want a few of your tears. We give all of this to our wine, understanding the reciprocal nature of this craft and revelling in the endeavour. It’s at the edge of our comfort zone, where we drive against our boundaries, where reference points are lost that we find art, it is where mysteries are revealed.

Science and art walk hand in hand across The Drift Farm, through the vineyards and into the cellar. Listening intently to the land, watching the vines, feeling the seasons, leveraging technology but ultimately it’s instinct, that mysterious place we call art, that we trust to make the decisive call.

We have carried Pinot Noir’s importunity to the packaging where design, calligraphy, hand-torn Italian paper, letterpress printing, wet glue and 4 days to label 1400 bottles apotheosize this magnificent wine.

There are still Mysteries Pinot Noir is a labour of love, born on a cold and wind swept farm 20 years ago. It is with great pleasure that we release this wine and offer it as an echo of a very special corner of the universe, a poem from a dedicated team of artists.

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