Wine Tastings and The Drift Farm Shop

>>Wine Tastings and The Drift Farm Shop

Wine Tastings and The Drift Farm Shop

All the grapes for our Drift Wines are grown on the farm and no matter where in the world you find an occasion to pop one of our bottles of delicious wine, you’ll be able to savour that journey from vine to bottle, a trip through this special corner of the Overberg Highlands.

But when you open one of our bottles of wine on the farm you’ll find a palpable harmony occurs. A gentle essence of all the elements that make up that wine accompany you while you drink it, you become centripetal to all of the farm’s aspects. The wind, the toil, the crashing storms and hot dry summers, the laughter and the long sighs at the close of day.

It’s the joy of coming home.

Let us know when you are in the area and come visit our shop and tasting room.
Farm eggs, organic olive oil, handmade soap, cider and wine, there is a bit of magic for everyone.

All tasting by appointment,
Please drop us a mail:

The Drift shop from bart smithers on Vimeo.

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