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Wonderful Words Win Wine!

Bruce Jack (yes, he is a real person!) loves wine and words. Just turn around a bottle of Bruce Jack wine to enjoy his words of wine wisdom and fun in the graffiti on the back label.

But even Bruce needs a helping word every now and again! And we are asking our wine tribe to help out and join in the process of crafting a wine.

The next vintage of the Bruce Jack Lifestyle wines will include sayings from our consumers – we want the favourite sayings, slogans and pearls of wisdom from those who already love our wine.

The campaign of Wonderful Words Win Wine will be a collaboration on our social media pages of @brucejackwines and @brucejackuk. It will launch on 6th November 2022 and run for 4 weeks, supported by trade press and on-line influencers in South Africa and the UK.

To win 12 cases of Lifestyle wine (72 bottles in total) the consumer will follow the steps below:

  • Sayings must be original or if quoted from someone that person must be indicated as well.
  • Pop their sayings, slogans and pearls of wisdom in the Instagram post comments on @brucejackuk and @brucejackwines
  • Or send their words to our dedicated email address – wineadventures@brucejack.com, with the email title Wonderful Words Win Wine.
  • Follow both @brucejackuk and @brucejackwines on Instagram and Facebook.
  • T&Cs Apply:
    • Over 18s only.
    • The winner – picked by the Bruce Jack Wines marketing team, will be announced on the 12th of December 2022. They will receive a once off delivery of 12 cases of Lifestyle Wine (72 bottles) in the UK or South Africa. They will also receive 1 case (6 bottles) of the wine featuring their graffiti as and when the stock is available.
    • All entries allow Bruce Jack Wines the right to use their sayings/slogans/ pearls of wisdom.
    • They will allow Bruce Jack Wines to use their saying, first name and will also allow Bruce Jack Wines to use a photo of the prize and prize winner for social media.
    • Open to UK and South African residents.

Our cursory consumer insight already indicates that consumers in both these markets feel unusually close to the brand. They relate to the authenticity of this slightly quirky, winemaker-driven proposition, and trust the quality/value proposition. The brand resonates because of the down-to-earth nature of the consumer communication, the integrity of the winemaking team, the commitment to environment and social causes and the overall inclusive and creative ethos of the business.

We already know from research in the public domain that consumers don’t have resilient loyalty to the many “white” label wines in retail and in the on-trade, which generally lack an authentic production story and traceability. This is particularly true of many South African wines on UK supermarket shelves where “white” labels account for a disproportionately large percentage of SA wines on shelf.

By interacting with us in a tangible, collaborative way, we know consumers feel even closer to the brand. Here they are given the opportunity to become part of the brand’s essence.

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