Yoga in art – The confluence of energy & light


Art and yoga enthusiasts can look forward to a unique art exhibition during November. Cape Town artist, Penelope Jack, will be exhibiting 80 engaging, original artworks – the result of 10 years work.

“My current work is an in-depth exploration of yoga through painting – the connection between the physical and the spiritual,” says Penelope.

The artworks depict the yoga poses (asanas), energy centres (chakras), hand gestures (mudras), breathing practices (pranayamas) and meditations of Integral Hatha Yoga.

“I naturally focus on detail,” explains Penelope, “The result of my trained jeweller’s eye. But at the same time, I want to convey the inner energy and resonance of yoga, so the works dance a fascinating path between realism and expression.”

Penelope explains: “From the outset I aimed to reveal universal truths through my artistic exploration of yoga. This has gone hand in hand with my own study of Integral Hatha, something I have practiced daily (and occasionally taught) for over twenty-five years.”

The desire to share her knowledge and love of yoga has prompted Penelope to also produce a set of 76 cards called ‘Chakra Yoga Cards’. These cards use her artworks to explain the methodology behind the different poses, breathing exercises and hand gestures. Besides being beautiful to look at, there is a wealth of practical information on each of them.

Penelope’s artistic journey started with a Waldorf primary school education. She excelled in Art at St Andrews School and studied Fine Art in Jewellery Design at Stellenbosch University. Thereafter, she worked as a jeweller and supplemented her income with magazine design and graphic design.

While raising a family, any spare time was filled with etching, pottery, life-drawing and painting, as well as courses in astrology and yoga. Her art and design expertise can be seen in Cape Town company logos and local and foreign wine labels.

“I have always loved colour and like to express myself with bold colour – both in how I wear colour and work with colour. The interplay of light and energy, which gives our world form and colour, continues to hold unlimited fascination for me,” she says.

This exciting exhibition will be held from 7th Nov (opening night) until the 5th of Dec at 196 Victoria Road, Woodstock. Original artworks, limited edition art prints and card sets will be for sale.

Entrance is via a voluntary donation – all proceeds of which go to the registered charitable trust called ‘The HeadStart Trust’, which provides musical opportunities for children in impoverished rural areas of South Africa.

For more information, contact Penelope via email